The Connections Club

The Connections Club: The Connections Club provides an applicable experience in a structured work setting; allows for making meaningful connections and an improved quality of life.  The program will provide a foundation of support specific to four areas:

  • Social Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Communication/Advocacy
  • Organizational Skills

All Connections Club activities and sessions are monitored and led by Therapists and Specialists with a combined total of over 50 years of experience.

The Connections Club Model

  • Each applicant must go through an interview process with the Connections Club team.
  • Once the interview process is complete, the applicant will go through an informal assessment process with the applicant as well as their parent/caregiver.
  • Each applicant/caregiver must sign a photo release.
  • The Connection Club team will work collaboratively with the individual’s parent/caregiver to facilitate mutual collaboration between home and Connection Club team members.
  • Areas targeted in the program:
    • Social SkillsSocial-emotional reciprocity, Non-verbal communication used for social interaction, Developing and maintaining relationships appropriate to developmental level
    • Life SkillsSelf-care, Increasing Independence
    • Communication and AdvocacySelf-Advocacy, Self-Understanding, Emotional Regulation:
      • Proactive strategies
      • Understanding nonverbal cues and own emotional state/behavior
      • Predicting behavior of others
      • Identifying tools to assist in overwhelming emotional situations
    • Organizational SkillsThe Connections Club will provide a structure by utilizing “work systems.” The system structures a task to facilitate greater on task time, increase job completion and promotes independence. The work system addresses four questions:
      • What work?
      • How much work?
      • When am I finished?
      • What comes next?

Connections Club fees:  $10.00 per hour; monthly invoices provided to parent/caregiver

Participation:  Each individual will be interviewed at the beginning of their Connections Club experience to determine how many days/sessions a week would be most beneficial for the individual.  That can be revisited as the individual makes progress.

Team Meetings: Approximately every 6 weeks, a team meeting (including the individual, parent/caregiver and Connections Club staff) will be held to discuss progress and determine the most appropriate next steps for the individual.

The Connections Club Creed

Together we work.

I will work hard, both alone and as a team.

I will strive to learn new tasks and fight discouragement with a positive attitude.

I will be a part of a team of attitude changers, so all may see I am strong, I am willing, and I can work well if given the chance.

While mistakes happen, I will learn from those mistakes, just like anyone else.

I will look at each day as a challenge I am willing to face, and make sure all who pass my way will know I am more than most thought I could be.

I am resilient.

I am capable.

I am motivated.

I am a valuable part of society.

I want to make connections and move boldly forward!