Riley B.

Riley B.'s Testimonial

My Time at Autism Avenue and Greater Expectations

During my time in the Greater Expectations program, I learned many things about perspective, others perspective, and how to tell between the story in my head and reality.  But what I learned about myself is I have a hard time with understanding other people’s perspective but I am a good leader/teacher.  Some tools I learned to use include checklists, proactive vs. reactive thinking, and the “story in my head” worksheet.  The most challenging part of the program was accepting “being different than others.”  My favorite part of the program was running the cash register and enjoyed engaging with customers and hearing compliments about Autism Avenue.  My daily life is somewhat different now, I do my laundry and my room is cleaner as is the basement.  I’m going to be more aware or open minded about other people’s perspectives on things.  I would encourage others to participate in the program because it teaches you that what you “don’t like about yourself” or think is a weakness can actually be your strengths!

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