Riley B.

Client Testimonials

Riley B.

My Time at Autism Avenue and Greater Expectations During my time in the Greater Expectations program, I learned many things about perspective, others perspective, and how to tell between the story in my head and reality.  But what I learned about myself is I have a hard time with understanding other people’s perspective but I […]

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Jacob C.

In the Greater Expectations program, I learned several organization skills. I learned several methods on how to survive in college. I learned how to use checklists, schedules, how to better read some social cues and how to run a cash register. I use these tools in college to help me navigate my day. The most […]

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Matthew A.

I gained better communication skills and the experience to convey my message more effectively than before I started the program. I learned better organization and reasoning skills that have benefited my career and home life. The most challenging part was adjusting to a different style of work than I was used to. It is somewhat […]

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