Program Levels

Level 1- Understanding High Functioning Autism (Asperger Syndrome) and Developmental Disabilities

  • Assessment data will be used to determine areas of greatest need and individualized programming model. Manual/Workbook included; personal notebooks provided
    • Rapport Building
    • Vision and Goal Setting: Creating Structural Supports
    • Advocacy and Communication
    • Life Skills
    • Organizational Skills
  • 8 One-on-one sessions: 1 time per week for 45-60 minute sessions; $50.00 each session
  • Team Meeting to review progress

Cost: $20.00 for workbook; $400.00 (two month course) – Total $420.00

Complete payment required by the end of 8 sessions before progressing to Level 2. All programs are individualized to address all areas of need expressed by the individual and/or parent.  Progress reports are provided and discussed at the team meeting at the end of the level. Progression to next level will be determined at the end of each level.

Level 2- Putting it All Together

  • Individuals will be creating timelines to correlate with their goals identified in Level 1 and will create action plans to execute the timelines.
  • Introduction to the 5 Point Scale.
  • Areas addressed:
    • Application of Organizational Skills
    • Life Skills: Execution of Structured Supports (i.e. daily/weekly schedules, checklists, calendars; etc.)
    • Social Connections/Emotional Regulation
    • Introduction: Structured Work Systems (4 Questions)
      • “What work?”
      • “How much work?”
      • “When am I finished?”
      • “What comes next?”
    • Individual/Group sessions to include:
      • 1 hour individual/group sessions: 2 times a week at $35.00 a session
      • 3 month minimum participation (based on individual need)
    • Team Meeting to review progress: 2 meetings will be scheduled approximate approximately 6 weeks apart

Cost: $20.00 for 5 Point Scale book; $280.00 a month (3 month minimum participation in course) = total $860.00.  Complete payment required by the end of the sessions (total of 24 sessions) in order to progress to Level 3.

Level 3- Independent Implementation/Apprentice Positions/Post Assessment

  • Implementation-Individualized goal completion work to include:
    • Identifying job of choice in their community: vetting potential employers, resume writing, mock interviews,
    • Transition : research; budgeting finances
    • Identifying social connections within the community
    • Advocacy, effective communication, and life management
    • Timelines and Action Plan
  • Apprentice Positions:
    • Individual has the opportunity to work independently within Autism Avenue to acquire real job experience within our community
    • Independent implementation of structured work systems
    • Jobs include, but not limited to: (at ILRC and/or Autism Avenue)
      • Refurbishing/wood working
      • Inventory/Point of Sales system
      • Customer service
      • Holiday and Special Event preparations for store
      • Store Operations: open/closing procedures
  • Post Assessment:
    • Post assessment is conducted to develop “action steps” for upcoming months towards long term goal completion as identified within the first level of the Greater Expectations Program.
  • Individual session & Apprentice participation to include:
    • 1 hour individual session: 1 time a week at $50.00 a session/Apprentice position: 2 hours a week (apprentice experience)
    • 3 month minimum participation (based on individual need)
  • Team Meeting to review progress

Cost: $200.00 a month (3 month minimum participation in course) = total $600.00         PRE and POST JOB ACQUISITION SUPPORT- $50.00 PER SESSION                           Complete payment required by the end of the sessions (total of 12 sessions)