Participation Requirements

Program Requirements


  • Full participation is required at each level
  • All assignments must be completed
  • Motivational participation and active engagement in all program requirements


Parent/Caregiver’s Participation

  • Actively participate in a team approach including all scheduled meetings with staff
  • Transparent and clear communication


Attendance Policy

  • Sessions will be scheduled in collaboration with the individual and caregiver as appropriate
  • Individuals must contact program staff to reschedule any appointments within 24 hours of their scheduled session: 316-866-2464;
  • Prompt attendance is required
    • If the individual is 15 minutes late, the appointment will be rescheduled
    • If a “late pattern” continues, a team meeting will be scheduled to address the issue


Program Payments

  • Payments can be made using cash, check, or credit card
  • Payments are required prior to each session or can be paid in full at the beginning of each level.
  • Financial assistance is available


Zero Tolerance for Drugs/Alcohol/Weapons

  • If an individual brings drugs, alcohol, and/or weapons onto the property, or appears to be under the influence of a substance, the session will conclude immediately.
  • A team meeting with the individual, parents/caregiver(s), and Greater Expectations staff will be scheduled to determine the next step of programming for the individual.


Paperwork – (completed by client, family members and/or caretakers)

  • General Information
  • Snapshot
  • All pertinent medical/diagnostic/assessment information


Schedule an informal meeting with staff

During this meet-and-greet the following objectives will be met:

  • Meeting of staff and viewing the environment
  • Explanation of the program and the assessment
  • Questions from the individual can be answered at this time


Rapport-building sessions (at least two hours required)

  • Following the initial meet & greet, if the individual is interested in moving forward he/she will be scheduled for at least two hours to come observe at Autism Avenue to become more familiar with the program and staff.
  • After the rapport-building sessions, the staff will determine if scheduling the initial assessment is the next appropriate step


Pre-Assessment (to be completed within 1-2 hours)

Upon completion of intake and pre-assessment, individual will either be approved for the Greater Expectations Program or referred to an appropriate agency or program in the Wichita area.

Cost: $100.00 – Payment required at the time of the assessment

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