Business Buds Program

Business Buds is a multi-level program and a “win-win” for your business and ours. Participation at any level allows us to share our unique floral designs as a show of appreciation to employees, birthdays, as a thank you to preferred clients or an occasion that might benefit you.  It could even be a beautiful weekly display to greet customers.  The Business Buds program is part of our effort to provide financial assistance and program materials to potential clients, and is an important aspect of increasing our visibility in the community.  That alone translates into increased opportunities for individuals participating in our program to obtain their job of choice.

All proceeds support our Greater Expectations program and increases visibility in the community for adults with Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

Bud Levels – All levels will receive 4 arrangements per month or you can use your monthly budget for an event or special occasion.  Arrangements are delivered free of charge to your any destination and for any occasion, such as:

  • Your place of business
  • To a valued customer
  • For employee anniversaries, birthdays, as a thank you, for a new baby, etc.
  • For employee incentives
  • To another business as a “Thank You”
  • Potential clients
  • Or, for ANY occasion that needs an extra floral touch
  1. Level I Seedlings – $200.00 a month: Four $50.00 arrangements
  2. Level II Sprouts – $240.00 a month: Four $60.00 arrangements
  3. Level III Stems – $320.00 a month: Four $80.00 arrangements
  4. Level IV Blossoms – $400.00 a month: Four $100.00 arrangements

All deliveries will be made as scheduled, unless weather conditions prohibit us from doing so. You will be contacted to re-schedule delivery of your order as soon as weather permits.

Payment for each month of your contract must be made by the 3rd of the each month for delivery of your orders for that month.  You are welcome to pay the contract quarterly, or yearly if you prefer.  We are happy to work out a payment plan that best meets your needs.

Special orders for events, parties, etc. MUST be made 2 weeks ahead of time.  For example, if you are using your entire monthly budget for an office event or planned party, please call us 2 weeks in advance to schedule that order.

By signing a contract, you agree to a yearlong contract with Autism Avenue Flower and Gift Shoppe.