Welcome to Autism Avenue Flower & Gift Shoppe


Autism Avenue is a one of a kind floral and retail shop with a mission to provide a structured work environment that delivers a platform for job training and real world experience for young adults with high functioning autism. With a strong foundation of support through our Greater Expectations program, a part of the Independent Living Resource Center, all individuals must master the various levels of the Greater Expectations program before being considered for employment at Autism Avenue.

The goal of Autism Avenue is to provide an uncommon shopping experience while serving as a stepping stone towards each individual’s job preference and life goals beyond the program. Autism Avenue is their opportunity to practice skills acquired while improving social connections, and building self-esteem, thus providing the motivation needed for individual success.

We aren’t in the business of creating florists!  We provide a training platform typical of any small business in our community. This allows us to target specific areas of skills needed for each individual to practice and hopefully master. Here they can pursue their goals and dreams of sustained employment, independent living, valuable personal relationships, and a much more fulfilling future.  Autism Avenue provides a menu of floral designs created by a professional floral designer, and a team of creative employees.

Many of the items in our store have a very personal touch as they are created by our employees. Whether refurbishing an old door into a beautiful table, or turning an old farm window into a family frame, our employees will play an integral role in providing a very unique buying experience.


Finally, when visiting Autism Avenue you will find current resources and ideas on how best to support your child with autism as well as other developmental disabilities. We will also carry a unique line of awareness items such as necklaces, bracelets, and artwork for those wanting to promote awareness in their families and community!

For others in our community, our resources will be perfect for advocacy efforts, and information to best educate yourself as a potential employer, teacher, or friend.