Autism Avenue of Wichita, KS - A training ground for individuals seeking real work experience

Jacob Chambers

A quote from Jacob Chambers:
“There has been nothing more beneficial to me mentally than the program. I am more confident and efficient now because of it.”

Greater Expectations

Big Picture

50,000 Americans with autism turn 18 each year.

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The Difference

We promote inclusive, rather than sheltered employment.

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The Big Four

Connections Club - Four targeted areas of support.

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Answers to common questions.

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Participation requirements for Connections Club.

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Program Levels

3 Levels of Greater Expectations Program.

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Download application and snapshot forms.

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How We're Different

We promote and facilitate inclusive employment rather than sheltered employment. Sheltered employment provides employment opportunities and locations that exclusively employ individuals with disabilities. Our program provides the necessary curriculum and training to allow our clients the opportunity to explore employment options within their community with confidence as any other individual would aspire to do.

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Connections Club

Our Connections Club provides an applicable experience in a structured work setting which in turn facilitates meaningful connections and an improved quality of life. Our club provides a foundation of support specific to four areas:

  • Social Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Communication/Advocacy
  • Life Skills

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Autism Avenue

Autism Avenue is a one-of-a-kind retail shop with a mission to provide a structured work environment that delivers a platform for job training and real-world experience for young adults with high-functioning autism.